The Children Murders

Meth is a demon from hell.

Red Ghetto Rebel

By Red Ghetto Rebel

Dakota Treaty Territory

March 29, 2017

It was requested of me to write a story from the perspective of a child on the reservation and how meth impacts their lives. I have taken parts of stories from statements made by child advocates and social workers who listened to stories made by abused children who were removed from their mothers due to their meth addiction.

The children are the ultimate victims of the meth addict, not the meth-addict themselves. The children suffer at the hands of those who brought them into this world. They live in a reservation world of violence, rape, abuse, neglect and hopelessness.

There is no family dynamic in todays reservation family, truth be told the majority of families today are single parent and almost every time aren’t a result of a “failed marriage” but are caused by a dependence on welfare money.


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