Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

Washita Battlefield outside of Cheyenne, Oklahoma

This is the site of the massacre of Black Kettle’s band by Custer. The visitors center is located five miles away from the actual massacre site, out of respect for those that died at the site; it is closer to Cheyenne, OK than the actual battlefield site. The visitors center is operated by the local tribes. They offer classes, information, a small museum, a bookstore, and a gift shop.
The site itself offers self-guided tours. The walk is easy, but not wheelchair accessible (due to a steep hill and some sandy paths). However, the visitor center has an electric vehicle that may be available. The walking path is 1 1/2 miles long. There is another 1/2 mile flat trail at the visitor center. Please do not take pictures of the prayer cloths and prayer bundles tied to fences and trees as it would be disrespectful of Native American beliefs.
You should also be prepared for the emotional nature of the site. It has a very sad, haunted feeling. It is also a site where kids will have a lot of questions if you have young ones with you. For my nieces and nephews, they always have an emotional reaction to the main camp sites and the horse slaughter site.


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